Castle of Light, Shrine of Light

Castle of Light

Hikone Castle and its inner moat. It is planned until 22:00 for the inner moat.

Period: 1st of October 2016 to 31st of December. Open from sunset to 22:00.

Lighting contest: February 2017 to March 2017.
Lighting Designer Satoshi Uchihara (Satoshi Uchihara Design Office)

After dark, the white stone walls of Hikone Castle will be lit with dramatic lighting effects of a scale and beauty never before seen at the castle.
The Sawaguchi-Tamon-Yagura turret, the front gate, the black gate and the Kyobashi, which are viewed through the Iroha-Matsu avenue of pine, will together take the form of striking Japanese visual art.
This eagerly-anticipated, new after-dark attraction at Hikone Castle will come into being this autumn.

Shrine of Light

Taga Shrine (Ema Street, Konomiya Shrine, Ohtaki Shrine, Togen Temple)

Period: 1st of October 2016 to 30th of November 2016. Open from sunset to 21:00.

Special Day 11th (Friday), 12th (Saturday) and 13th (Sunday) of November 2016
Lighting Designer Shiho Nagamachi (LEM Spacious Studio)

At the Taga Shrine, there will be magical and inspirational lighting, designed to uplift and refresh the soul and, from mid-October, a prayer garden will also have been created by a local resident of the area and children living close by. Also, at the Ohtaki Shrine, a beautiful Japanese maple will be illuminated from below by water-blue coloured lights.

New perspectives of the proud heritage of Hikone city and Taga city are brought to life through creative illumination.

“Light & Art Festival”

Documentary Film Screening ‘Umi Yama Ahida -Message resounds from the forest of Ise Shrine- Finished

Saturday 17th of September 2016 18:50-20:30
Taga Shrine Noh Theater

Director / Cinematographer: Masaaki Miyazawa
Cast: Takeshi Kitano (film director), Kengo Sumi (Architect), Yoshihiro Narusawa (sheff) and others.

For a thousand years, the Japanese have lived amongst the forest.
After a thousand years, what should we leave behind?
After seeing this film, what do you think now?
Perhaps we should look within ourselves for the answer...


Friday 7th of October 2016 19:00-21:00
Konki Park (multipurpose stadium)

Ticket: 3,000yen for advance sale, 3,500yen on the day (from junior high school student)

Genre: Japanese drum, Chuzao (Jiuta shamisen), Shakuhachi (vertical banboo flute), Shinobue (Japanese tranverse bamboo flute), Koto (Japanese harp), Narimono (musical insturament)
Guest: Up-and-coming writer Kamatoshi Maeda (president of TUMUGI)

The theme of this event is ‘there is no border but nationality in music’, and the group of eight musicians play exclusively Japanese instruments. They have previously played to great acclaim at the world heritage sites of Mont Sain-Michel and Angkor Wat. They have also performed many times at other Japanese historical heritage sites such as the Ise Shrine, the Yakushi Temple, Hikone Castle last year and many more.

Women’s Japanese Instrumental Group ‘Nadeshiko J Ensemble’ Finished

Friday 14th of October 2016 19:00-21:00
Genkyu Garden This event will be cancelled in the event of wet weather.

Ticket: 2,000yen for advance sale, 2,500yen on the day (from junior high school student)

A group of female musicians who aim to pass on the tradition of Japanese women playing Japanese instruments. Their performances reflect the changing language of flowers, such as Nadeshiko - fringed pink flower – according to the colour of the flower.

Varied and engaging concert by Ii Family artists and a female singer from Shiga Finished

Sunday 30th of October 2016 18:00-20:00
Hikone Castle Museum Noh Theater

Ticket: 2,000yen for advance sale, 2,500yen on the day (from junior high school student)

Genre: Classic, Japanese musical composition, pop music
Flute/ Shinobue (Japanese tranverse bamboo flute): Ryouko Ii
Vocal/ piano: Yoko Matsuura
Guest: Harp player Nao Uchida, Noh performer Yoshihiro Urabe, Yukihiro Urabe

Flute player, Ryoko is a direct descendant of the Ii Family. Together with singer-songwriter Yoko Matsuura, who plays mostly in Shiga prefecture, they uniquely play together for Noh theatre.

Samurai Sword Performance Finished

Thursday (Bank holiday) 3rd of November 2016 Evening
Special Stage in Ninomaru parking

Guest: Up-and-coming writer Kamatoshi Maeda (president of TUGUMI)

Kengishu-Kamui International: ‘Samurai Sword Artist’ is a beautiful and exciting performance created from a fusion of choreography and martial arts. The group choreographed and performed in the Hollywood film Kill Hill and mounted a show of their own at the Russian National Hermitage Art Museum.
They continue to present and promote the Samurai form to the world as iconic Japanese culture and art.

Japanese instrument group ‘Shingetsu’ with Human Beat Box and Japanese instrument group Finished

Friday 11th of November 2016 19:00-20:30
Genkyu Garden rain out

Ticket: 2,000yen for advance sale, 2,500yen on the day (from junior high school student)

Genre: Japanese music composition, pop music, standard jazz, hip hop, Japanese drum, Tsugaru-jamisen (shamisen), Shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute), human beat box

Veterans of drum, shamisen, shakuhachi (vertical bamboo flute) and human beat box will be gathered in Hikone! Seven men in total play new and old instruments weaving music, that expresses the ‘past, present and future’ of Hikone.

Shiro Sano and Kyoji Yamamoto ‘Yakumo Koizumi public reading in the evening.’

Saturday 4th of March 2017 18:00-20:00
Seiryo-ji Temple

Ticket: 3,000yen for advance sale, 3,500yen on the day (from junior high school student)

Cast: Shiro Sano (actor), Kyoji Yamamoto (guitarist) / Bon Koizumi (great-grandchild of Yakumo Koizumi, folklorist) / Akiko Manabe (a scholar of Irish literature)

Lafcadio Hearn (Yakumo Koizumi), has already faced with world with an open mind. Actor Shiro Sano and guitarist Kyoji Yamamoto, contemporary Japanese performers, will be performing unique and intriguing words and music.

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A national treasure Hikone Castle 410 years castellation anniversary

Organizer: Branding business enterprise with lighting and art, Hikone city and Taga city area solidarity committee